Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recent Second Round Play Rains

The first round of the John Deere Classic is underway and the weather couldn't be nicer.  We started Thursday with a low temperature of 59° in the Quad Cities, which was 17° cooler than Wednesday morning's low.

Dry weather is expected today through Saturday.

Looking back at the second round play over the past five years, we experienced rain in three of the five years.  While it was just a little rain last year (0.01") and in 2008 (0.03"), it was torrential rains that we dealt with in 2009.

2.46" of rain fell in thunderstorms that halted play in the afternoon.  While that was a major inconvenience for players, spectators, and organizers, it wasn't a record rainfall for that date. 

Back on July 10, 1971, 5.08" of rain fell on that date to establish the record rainfall.

CBS4 Meteorologist Anthony Peoples

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