Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snow Melt Across the Upper Midwest

A little bit more rain will fall across eastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois Wednesday night.  The good news is that only about one-tenth of an inch of rain is expected.  This is already the fourth wettest April on record in the Quad Cities with 7.20".

While many area rivers are still in flood, many of them are dropping upwards to around a foot each day.

Dry weather through this weekend will help the rivers continue to drop.  However, with much warmer weather on the way not only here, but across the upper Midwest and the Plains, the snow will begin melting across the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

As you can see on this snow depth map from yesterday, there's still more than two to three feet of snow on the ground to our north that will start melting and making its way down the Mississippi.

That's something that we'll be watching very closely over the next couple of weeks.

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CBS4 meteorologist Anthony Peoples

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