Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Fun of Forecasting Snow

UPDATED SNOW TOTALS - The official totals for the Quad cities are:  Moline - 2.8" and Davenport -3.2"

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Tonight's storm has been showing up consistently for some time now in the forecast models...and they've been consistently suggesting about 4-8 inches of snow...and while the storm would be fading as it closed in on the QC things still looked pretty safe for 4-6" of snow.  The NWS sends out the Winter Storm Watch days in advance, then upgrades to a Winter Weather Advisory/Winter Storm Warning a day before and everything's all good, right?  Then the day of the storm arrives and things look good on the radar and the snow's piling up, as expected in the Plains...

Then, dry air creeps into the storm from the South, winds out of the East eat away at some of the first flakes to fall...and all of a sudden what looked like a sure thing now looks questionable!  The first wave of snow is about to roll into the Quad Cities and this will go a long ways in determining how much snow we pick up tonight.  This first wave needs to drop at least 2 inches or so if we're going to meet the 4-6" forecast, otherwise totals will be a meager 2-4" and that won't be fun, at all!

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