Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Record Highs All Over the Place

We broke the record high Wednesday in the Quad Cities, and we're not alone! Here's a list of other cities that either broke or tied their record high on Wednesday:

Des Moines, IA-----------North Myrtle Beach, SC
Columbus, OH---------Peoria, IL
Charlotte, NC--------Columbia, MO
Dubuque, IA----------St. Louis, MO
Chicago, IL----------Grand Rapids, MI
Rockford, IL---------Milwaukee, WI
Burlington, IA-------Madison, WI
Fort Wayne, IN-------Eau Claire, WI
Lincoln, IL----------Peoria, IL
Kansas City, MO------Topeka, KS
Green Bay, WI--------Rhinelander, WI

This is only a small samlping of the 100s of records broken on Wednesday!

BTW - It looks like another record high's coming on Thursday!


  1. I know the obvious record is the high maximum daily temperature.
    What about the daily record high minimum daily temperature?

  2. That's a record that we DID NOT break on Wednesday, but we will be breaking it on Thursday. The record warm low for Wednesday was 58, and we started at 53.

    However - the record warm low for Thurs is 51, and we started at a balmy 59°! So once midnight strikes that will be a record for Thursday...and the traditional record high for Thurs has also fallen!